NFT Paris - Masha
NFT Paris - Tondals
NFT Paris - Sophie
NFT Paris - Petra
NFT Paris - Claudia

NFT Paris


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Curated by Hymodernity

Check our exhibition at FRIEZE Contemporary Art Fair
in London, with some of our featured artists.

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Artists, Collectors, Curators, Galleries and Museums, brought closer together through DIGITAL ART and NFTs

Welcome to the NEW MODERNITY.

Join our new CULTURAL BIOME where the boundaries are dissolved and all art intervenients meet together in one place.


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State of the Art

  1. Buying and selling digital artworks through open-source smart contracts that run on the Ethereum blockchain.
  2. Mint and collect Digital Artworks stored with the latest decentralised permanent storage technology, provided by Arweave.
  3. Benefit from the latest technology, advancing toward groundbreaking and secure multi-chain concepts.
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A curated vault of Digital assets that collateralizes and sustains the healthy appreciation of the HYMO token and its treasury

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A gamified experience of earning rewards through market participation and platform engagement 

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The first step on the Hymodernity Metaverse, where HYMO will be the main currency 

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