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Artists, Collectors, Curators, Galleries and Museums, brought closer together through DIGITAL ART and NFTs

Welcome to the NEW MODERNITY.

Join our community and experience a new CULTURAL BIOME where the boundaries are dissolved and all art intervenients meet together in one place


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Art Focused Platform

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  1. Buy and sell through elegantly crafted, open-source smart contracts, running on the Ethereum network
  2. Mint and collect Digital Artworks stored with the latest decentralised storage technology, provided by Arweave
  3. Benefit from the latest technology, advancing toward groundbreaking and secure multi-chain concepts

HYMO Exclusives

A special selection of digital artworks by vetted and hand-picked art critics and curators, exclusively for HYMO holders


An innovative and complete approach to reward our Collectors and Community

No Service Fees

Become a HYMO Collector and only pay for Gas when purchasing from Artists.


A model for building a cooperative and collective path for the future of Hymodernity and Contemporary Art.


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HYMO will be distributed every month to all active Collectors on our primary market

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10% of the quarterly profits market buy back HYMO

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2.5% of the fees collected by the marketplace, to reward HYMO stakers

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